Next step was to research on the make-up.
So, after taking a good look on the 80’s make-up trends, I understood, that you can divide it in three parts:

The Rock chick

Big,dark eyebrows, black eye make-up and red lips.
The full attire.

The Barbie

Very bright eyeshadow and lips, and unnaturally pink blusher on cheeks.
Looks very fake, just like te TOWIE cast nowadays.

The Natural babe

Big, bushy eyebrows, minimal make-up on eyes, and bold lips.
The prettiest of them all, but these sweethearts weren’t the usual rock gig crowd.

So in the end I have decided to go for the rock chick look, but make it a little bit more pleasant to look at.
Plus, my eyebrows would never grow like that.